Advocatespedia foundation

Advocates Pedia in today's world of technology is the only torch bearer law networking service dedicated to introduce, launch, promote and present legal fraternity of the world in right perspective, headquartered in New Delhi NCR, India. The basic idea was to bring the law professionals on single platform for the good of the society all over the globe. Advocatespedia is a unique venture undertaken by Advocates Pedia Foundation. The primary version of the Search Engine[1] was launched on January 1, 2016 by Faiyaz Khalid, the founder Chairman of ADVOCATES PEDIA FOUNDATION (Regd)[2]. It is registered under The Indian trusts act, 1882. Initially, the limited editing rights were allowed to the Law college fellow scholars, but later on expanded it to various law schools of India and abroad. In a very short span of time it has garnered whole hearted support of law scholars of various universities across the planet. The account creation option was set public from the month of February 2016 and rest is history. At present anyone who intends to create an account can be allowed to become a registered user of the website. Its name was originated by Faiyaz Khalid from the noun /advəkət/ Advocate the word Advocate is prevailed in India and is used in the context of Legal counsel, lawyer. The word Pedia is a Suffix and denotes Relating to learning. (from a back-formation of encyclopedia) A specialized encyclopedia about the prefix (i.e. "Advocatespedia", "Investopedia") or a general Encyclopedia in the structure of the prefix.[3]

After getting registered Users may be privileged with editing rights then site user can create a user profile, add also add others as friends giving access to exchange notice board to board message public and private. Set profile photo, send jpg, gif, png photo as gifts to the friends, Vote to the friends profile. Check their contributions to Advocates Pedia. Improve their Articles, Analyse Top editors, record most viewed articles etc. Users are authorized to create Articles and check, patrol other articles in this regard Users are given special training which is undertaken through campus Ambassador Program. During the training Users are taught to create a page, save a page, delete a page, placing infobox of various field, figuring Article, creating structure of articles, writing biography of living and dead person. Basic information in legal perspective and also other kind of work are taught and assigned to users.